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oh my god everyone read this SPECIALY U BECCA... LOLOLOL [23 Aug 2002|08:41pm]
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * is he on palace?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * he saw the convo with us bitching
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: drop da chulopa
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * no
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol cuz i only saw him on icq lol
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * kray sent it to him
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * :what convo with us bitching?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: dez r sum wak ass boots
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * to that nas guy
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * OMG THAT WAS REALLY KRAY?
Kid_66: hi all
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * no
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * omg holy shit
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * i sent it to kray
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * and he sent it to john
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * what? then how did he get that?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * it wasnt really him
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: hi ?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * i sent it to him
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: what does hi mean
DaEnforcer~Sweet Luv~JOHN: lol
Av Man: hi
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * oo uuuuuu sent it to him oooo ok lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: getting high ?
Av Man: yes
Av Man: yes it does
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: he sayin hi..
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * what did john say?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: dumb azz
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: o u askin if anyones high
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: wa bytch
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * he was just laughing
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: dun mock me
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: i am
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
Av Man: laugh
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: im high too
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: tooke da bong
Av Man: i'm high
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: excuse me? i will do wut i want
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: i just smoked two big phillz
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :aha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: coo coo
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: i took like made bong hits
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: i'm blazed right now
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: fucked me up good
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: gravity bong son
Av Man: blllllllllll
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: yea
Av Man: ;kj
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u just wish boi
Av Man: lg
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: ever hit off a gravity bong
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u aint high
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :fucCin crak head bytchez
Av Man: sx
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: what kind chron
Av Man: kl
Av Man: posdkf
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: hahaha
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: yea
Av Man: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: kyrpts
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * ur turning into me
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * haha
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: what??
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: krypts
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * i kno
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * isnt it wonderful?
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
Av Man: uygygfyt
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: krypts son
Av Man: dadada
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * yesh
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * i find it cute for some reason
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lolol
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: ^brb
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * isnt it just? no its not the talking thats cute its me lol jk
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * yes that was totally something u wood say lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * omg im starting to talk like this offline ahaha
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * i would get my ass kicked
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * i was trash talking at my brother and i called him a freka and he started laffing lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: !HOE
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: hahah
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ^bb
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: sup
Katrina Crane: nothing much
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: me either
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: how old r u
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: umm eww
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :yo u a wak azz bytch if yo talkin tu sumone tat lookz like dat
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: wtf i go away n u talkin to some hoe now
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: y u ewwww ing
Katrina Crane: :confused
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: well u wont gimme wa i need
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: come over ta my house n u will
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: oooo
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: but u to lazy to get off yo ass
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: aha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: peace katrina
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: drakanus
~�raKa�u�~: yeah
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: ur gay
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha u really think i'm gonna give u shyt?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: cloner
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u wrong
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: well fuck u den
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: i go gets my own
Katrina Crane: you can't clone people without permission, can you?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: nope
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ya u go find amy that aids infested bytch
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: haha
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :aint gonna get none from ne of these preppy shits around hea
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: sup choco
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: omg...
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: nuthun much
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: :lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i'm funna slap u tomorrow in skool yo
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: omg wha?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: choco
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: how old ?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: 15
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * omg i'm so good
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: coo
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ahaha
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * yes yes nice nice lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: u like older men
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: :bytch
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: ya
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: im 17
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :haha u aint no older man
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: :how u knoe hoe
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: neat
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :u probally like some 12 yea old fucC thinkin tha they the shyt
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u aint 17 u 13..wa u talkin about fo0
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: aww
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yall sum hatahs
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: how u fugure
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: psha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yall need tu step
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: un da real
Sweet_Thang: Whats wrong with you
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: tomorra u dead
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: sup sweet
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :damn straight lol
Sweet_Thang: Sup
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i'm gettin steve afta yo
Sweet_Thang: How yah doin
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :aha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: chillin, u ?
Sweet_Thang: about the same
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ^callin steve
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :get sum one aftah hiz weak azz
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: if im so weak how i get bof ov yall
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: ??
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: thats what i thought
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :omg u fuccin sik
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: yo so dead tomorrow
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: gotta go
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: l8ter
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: bye
Sweet_Thang: bye
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: peaCe
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lmao
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: dey acting like dey knoe me sweet
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i do know u
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ima say PaYcE to tha next person lol
Sweet_Thang: Its okay hun
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u go to school wit me fo0
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yeh
Sweet_Thang: they have places for you
Sweet_Thang: lol
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :i kno u'z and immature lil fuCca
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: lol
Sweet_Thang: Just playin babe
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: its ok
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * omg
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * ur so funni
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * wha
Sweet_Thang: So where you from\
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * OMG OK
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: frum new york u ?
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * I DID NOT JUST SAY WHA
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * OMG
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * !GOD
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * god kill me
Sweet_Thang: Representin Cali
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * im gona be a wigger at school by the time the break is over
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: coo
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * hahaha
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
Sweet_Thang: Yeah
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: how old r u shorty
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * its not gonna be good
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * id like put myself in a mental hospital lol
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
l-|a�er: short wanna trade some avs
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: jerome u wanna come ova? i'm gettin kinda horny
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: no
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * rofl
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: afta u called me all dem names
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: but u wanted ta b4
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i was kiddin
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: what about your friend
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: even about the steve thing
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :god
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :i wa kiddin yo
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :i hardly kno u
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :y would i say shyt?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * hhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaa
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ahahah
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * yes go me go me
.�apter Bo�.�: Hey all
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo wazza
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ahah i said it!
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * i love saying that lol
.�apter Bo�.�: Alright
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * its so dorky
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: short
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: y u all in my breathing space
.�apter Bo�.�: they adore you dollar
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: i bet
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: what
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :short got sum wak azz avs goin on dear
.�apter Bo�.�: yea you heard me
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yeh
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: what u say
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :ahah
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: iz my clone
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: hahahaha
.�apter Bo�.�: : Man what a stupid ass
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: nuthin bytch
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: fucC off
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
.�apter Bo�.�: :hehe
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: dont start no shit
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :fucCin wak azz bytch
.�apter Bo�.�: _.!..
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :o dont start no shyt wit u?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ya got that rite girl
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: u wanna c me go wak ass on u bitch ass
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :u bettah watch it ya fuCca
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: what am i watchin
.�apter Bo�.�: : Oh am i in the getto here or what?
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: oooo u go wak on azz on me? ooo im scare
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ohhh u best not be startin wit my friend
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: u shuld b mutha fuka
.�apter Bo�.�: Hehe commoners are stupid people
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: u best recognize u mothafucCin bytch
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: bring it on
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lmao
.�apter Bo�.�: hehe
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo go fucC yo daddy u herb
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: i kno daz wha u like
.�apter Bo�.�: that's nice but a save the drama for your mother
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: ohhh good thing mah fuckin dad is dead
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: oooo did i hit sumthin? go fucC yo dead dad then u motha fucCa
.�apter Bo�.�: : are they fighting each other or me?
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: ohhh nice comeback ya crack whore dog rapin gout molest skank
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo wb kisha
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: uhh gay come back
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ty bytch haha
.�apter Bo�.�: no sereously
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: ooo u callin me a skank?
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: duh
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: oooo yo wha a big word im like so fucCin scared
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: why u even wastin ur time on that weak azz
.�apter Bo�.�: ! are you fighting each other or what?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yo short dun talk tu kisha like dat
.�apter Bo�.�: ??/
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo boi shut yo trap o its gonna be u
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: aite fyne
.�apter Bo�.�: : Damn goths
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :goth?
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: goth?1
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :what tha fuCc
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: wtf
.�apter Bo�.�: BAHAHAHAHA
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :no one here is fucCin goth
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :got that bytch?
.�apter Bo�.�: but me
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: iwas tryin tu help u out
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: omg again
.�apter Bo�.�: yea
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: palace wak
.�apter Bo�.�: thanx dad
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: wb bytch
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ty hoe
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :dad?
Sweet_Thang: ^brb
.�apter Bo�.�: hehe yea bitxh
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :yo boi u'z fucCed up in tha head
.�apter Bo�.�: can you spell?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: wut i miss?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: rapter shut the fuck up
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: an u say im wakk
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: no one asked u
.�apter Bo�.�: or did you flunk english too
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :yeah i can spell
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :spell bytch
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :b-y-t-c-h
.�apter Bo�.�: bitch
Matt: wrong
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :thatz u yah mothafucCah
.�apter Bo�.�: It's bitch dumb ass
Matt: dumbass
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: fuCcin fag
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: no really
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo fucC off matt
Matt: suck my cock
.�apter Bo�.�: you guys it's FUCK
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol mool
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: u fuCcin herb
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: NO SHIT
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: moolay!
Matt: dumbass
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: WE KNOW HOW TO FUCKING SPELL
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol dont mind us
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: oh no i cant fucken spell
* .�:gelfling[ilmd] * whut udoin?
Matt: weve noticed
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: why u think u be caring
.�apter Bo�.�: ^Brb
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: oh yo weak ghetto azz self callin me a dumbazz?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: shut the fuck up
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i didnt ask yo weak ass
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * talking like ghetto freaks lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: mutha fuckas
Matt: i aint gehtto dumbfuck
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :wow ur all so phat and fly
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i know
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :i wish i was as phat as all yoz
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: can u spell ghetto bytch?
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: lol mool
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
Matt: fuck u
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: no thanx bytch
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: aww wa happen to yo friend?
Matt: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: aww poor matt dont cry
Matt: fuck u means go fuck yer seklf
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: matt u weak
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :so "Matt" are u down with the homey g yos?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: matt are u 4?
Matt: hell no
Matt: there fags
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :matt iz a weak azz herb daz all he iz
Matt: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: fags? ummmm OK
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :ooo fags! scary
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: that all u can say lil boi
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: hahaha
Matt: yup
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :seemz to be
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: good now shut the fuck up
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: Chubbalubba1
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: That is?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: no one wanna be seeing what u say
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: wut
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: oh nm
Sweet_Thang: ^brb
Matt: suck my cock u 5 cent black ass nigger
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo im muting the fucCah
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: its tashy.
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: move the fuck away
*** You are muting Matt
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: yo my homey thug
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u know the funni thing is...
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i'm not black
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: whuts up in the hood?
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: ok i muted the weak azz herb
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: go away
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: what hood
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: ahah oh yes u go kisha
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :WHAT HOOD?
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :U WEAK
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yes
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: im strong man
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: AHAH yes moolz u go
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: i work out
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: so im not weak
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: i muted that matt guy lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u a fuCcin fat azz jerome
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: dont be lieing
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: :EY
.�apter Bo�.�: hey where'd the kool guy go?
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ok im done being a wigger for tonite lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: cool guy?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i havent seeen no cool guy bytch
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: omg moolay ahaha rofl
the new & improved ghetto mollz: u down wit this shyt bytch?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol mmoool
.�apter Bo�.�: besides me
*** You are not muting Matt
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: mami quien si ponte esa nombre
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: omggg
.�apter Bo�.�: o ok
the new & improved ghetto mollz: U DOWN WIT IT?
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !IM COOL IM HIP
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: omg moolz u rok majorly
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: go away
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !I CAN GET JIGGY WIT IT
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: u stupid and gay
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: tengo grande beecho
.�apter Bo�.�: !I AM your god
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: get out my grill
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: !MAMON!
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: !GAY
the new & improved ghetto mollz: yo
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u fuCcin gay boi
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: leave
.�apter Bo�.�: hehehehe
the new & improved ghetto mollz: im da truest of da tru yo!
.�apter Bo�.�: Fuck you
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yo tengo grande beecho
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u laughin?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: cuz u know its true
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !DONT HIDE IT YO DONT HIDE IT
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !TRU COLAHS YO
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :sum fuccin wak azz people hea
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !TRU COLAHS
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: :thats the gayest nigga i knoe
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: !YEAH MOOLAY!!
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: omg what have a started
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: shhhh
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: !U GO GIRL!!!
show yo tru colahs yo!: :TRU COLAHS TRU COLAHS
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :omg ahah
show yo tru colahs yo!: !SHOW DEM TO ME
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: umm next?
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: ahaha yeah mool
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :roflmao
3 promise%%mc-plural-never let go

MTOEJHR FUCKERS [22 Aug 2002|07:00pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]



5 promise%%mc-plural-never let go

DUDE HI [22 Aug 2002|12:52am]
[ mood | HAHAHAHA ]


lizzabeth1986: HI BROOKE
osakuu: OIH HEY
lizzabeth1986: WHATS UP G
osakuu: OH NOTHING
lizzabeth1986: OH YEAH
lizzabeth1986: COOL
osakuu: YEA I AGREE

ahahhahah and its osakuu because my brotrher saw me typing in my pw this one time and he tohgit it said osaku
but um
it didnt lol and anyt of you that dont believe me then just try to get on my sn using the pw osaku

never let go

beca [21 Aug 2002|02:53am]
[ mood | scared ]

hey bec
im not dumb right?

2 promise%%mc-plural-never let go

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