lizzzz (lizzabeth1986) wrote,

oh my god everyone read this SPECIALY U BECCA... LOLOLOL

* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * is he on palace?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * he saw the convo with us bitching
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: drop da chulopa
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * no
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol cuz i only saw him on icq lol
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * kray sent it to him
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * :what convo with us bitching?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: dez r sum wak ass boots
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * to that nas guy
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * OMG THAT WAS REALLY KRAY?
Kid_66: hi all
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * no
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * omg holy shit
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * i sent it to kray
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * and he sent it to john
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * what? then how did he get that?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * it wasnt really him
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: hi ?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * i sent it to him
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: what does hi mean
DaEnforcer~Sweet Luv~JOHN: lol
Av Man: hi
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * oo uuuuuu sent it to him oooo ok lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: getting high ?
Av Man: yes
Av Man: yes it does
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: he sayin hi..
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * what did john say?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: dumb azz
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: o u askin if anyones high
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: wa bytch
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * he was just laughing
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: dun mock me
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: i am
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
Av Man: laugh
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: im high too
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: tooke da bong
Av Man: i'm high
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: excuse me? i will do wut i want
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: i just smoked two big phillz
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :aha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: coo coo
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: i took like made bong hits
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: i'm blazed right now
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: fucked me up good
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: gravity bong son
Av Man: blllllllllll
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: yea
Av Man: ;kj
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u just wish boi
Av Man: lg
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: ever hit off a gravity bong
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u aint high
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :fucCin crak head bytchez
Av Man: sx
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: what kind chron
Av Man: kl
Av Man: posdkf
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: hahaha
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: yea
Av Man: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: kyrpts
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * ur turning into me
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * haha
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: what??
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: krypts
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * i kno
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * isnt it wonderful?
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
Av Man: uygygfyt
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: krypts son
Av Man: dadada
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * yesh
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * i find it cute for some reason
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lolol
(��FF ���E��) ���o�.: ^brb
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * isnt it just? no its not the talking thats cute its me lol jk
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * yes that was totally something u wood say lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * omg im starting to talk like this offline ahaha
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * i would get my ass kicked
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * i was trash talking at my brother and i called him a freka and he started laffing lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: !HOE
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: hahah
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ^bb
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: sup
Katrina Crane: nothing much
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: me either
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: how old r u
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: umm eww
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :yo u a wak azz bytch if yo talkin tu sumone tat lookz like dat
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: wtf i go away n u talkin to some hoe now
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: y u ewwww ing
Katrina Crane: :confused
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: well u wont gimme wa i need
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: come over ta my house n u will
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: oooo
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: but u to lazy to get off yo ass
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: aha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: peace katrina
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: drakanus
~�raKa�u�~: yeah
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: ur gay
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha u really think i'm gonna give u shyt?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: cloner
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u wrong
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: well fuck u den
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: i go gets my own
Katrina Crane: you can't clone people without permission, can you?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: nope
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ya u go find amy that aids infested bytch
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: haha
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :aint gonna get none from ne of these preppy shits around hea
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: sup choco
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: omg...
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: nuthun much
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: :lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i'm funna slap u tomorrow in skool yo
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: omg wha?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: choco
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: how old ?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: 15
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * omg i'm so good
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: coo
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ahaha
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * yes yes nice nice lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: u like older men
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: :bytch
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: ya
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: im 17
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :haha u aint no older man
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: :how u knoe hoe
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: neat
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :u probally like some 12 yea old fucC thinkin tha they the shyt
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u aint 17 u 13..wa u talkin about fo0
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: aww
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yall sum hatahs
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: how u fugure
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: psha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yall need tu step
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: un da real
Sweet_Thang: Whats wrong with you
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: tomorra u dead
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: sup sweet
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :damn straight lol
Sweet_Thang: Sup
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i'm gettin steve afta yo
Sweet_Thang: How yah doin
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :aha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: chillin, u ?
Sweet_Thang: about the same
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ^callin steve
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :get sum one aftah hiz weak azz
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: if im so weak how i get bof ov yall
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: ??
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: thats what i thought
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :omg u fuccin sik
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: yo so dead tomorrow
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: gotta go
(�`�ChOcOcHiCh ����):: l8ter
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: bye
Sweet_Thang: bye
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: peaCe
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lmao
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: dey acting like dey knoe me sweet
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i do know u
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ima say PaYcE to tha next person lol
Sweet_Thang: Its okay hun
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u go to school wit me fo0
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yeh
Sweet_Thang: they have places for you
Sweet_Thang: lol
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :i kno u'z and immature lil fuCca
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: lol
Sweet_Thang: Just playin babe
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: its ok
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * omg
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * ur so funni
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * wha
Sweet_Thang: So where you from\
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * OMG OK
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: frum new york u ?
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * I DID NOT JUST SAY WHA
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * OMG
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * !GOD
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * god kill me
Sweet_Thang: Representin Cali
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * im gona be a wigger at school by the time the break is over
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: coo
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * hahaha
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
Sweet_Thang: Yeah
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: how old r u shorty
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * its not gonna be good
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * id like put myself in a mental hospital lol
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
l-|a�er: short wanna trade some avs
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: jerome u wanna come ova? i'm gettin kinda horny
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: no
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * rofl
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: afta u called me all dem names
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: but u wanted ta b4
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i was kiddin
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: what about your friend
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: even about the steve thing
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :god
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :i wa kiddin yo
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :i hardly kno u
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :y would i say shyt?
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * hhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaa
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ahahah
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * yes go me go me
.�apter Bo�.�: Hey all
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo wazza
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ahah i said it!
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * i love saying that lol
.�apter Bo�.�: Alright
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * its so dorky
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol
* (Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u�� * lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: short
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: y u all in my breathing space
.�apter Bo�.�: they adore you dollar
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: i bet
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: what
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :short got sum wak azz avs goin on dear
.�apter Bo�.�: yea you heard me
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yeh
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: what u say
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :ahah
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: iz my clone
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: hahahaha
.�apter Bo�.�: : Man what a stupid ass
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: nuthin bytch
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: fucC off
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
.�apter Bo�.�: :hehe
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: dont start no shit
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :fucCin wak azz bytch
.�apter Bo�.�: _.!..
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :o dont start no shyt wit u?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ya got that rite girl
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: u wanna c me go wak ass on u bitch ass
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :u bettah watch it ya fuCca
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: what am i watchin
.�apter Bo�.�: : Oh am i in the getto here or what?
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: oooo u go wak on azz on me? ooo im scare
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ohhh u best not be startin wit my friend
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: u shuld b mutha fuka
.�apter Bo�.�: Hehe commoners are stupid people
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: u best recognize u mothafucCin bytch
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: bring it on
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lmao
.�apter Bo�.�: hehe
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo go fucC yo daddy u herb
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: i kno daz wha u like
.�apter Bo�.�: that's nice but a save the drama for your mother
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: ohhh good thing mah fuckin dad is dead
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: oooo did i hit sumthin? go fucC yo dead dad then u motha fucCa
.�apter Bo�.�: : are they fighting each other or me?
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: ohhh nice comeback ya crack whore dog rapin gout molest skank
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo wb kisha
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: uhh gay come back
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ty bytch haha
.�apter Bo�.�: no sereously
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: ooo u callin me a skank?
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: duh
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: oooo yo wha a big word im like so fucCin scared
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: why u even wastin ur time on that weak azz
.�apter Bo�.�: ! are you fighting each other or what?
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yo short dun talk tu kisha like dat
.�apter Bo�.�: ??/
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo boi shut yo trap o its gonna be u
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: aite fyne
.�apter Bo�.�: : Damn goths
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :goth?
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: goth?1
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :what tha fuCc
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: wtf
.�apter Bo�.�: BAHAHAHAHA
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :no one here is fucCin goth
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :got that bytch?
.�apter Bo�.�: but me
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: iwas tryin tu help u out
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: omg again
.�apter Bo�.�: yea
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: palace wak
.�apter Bo�.�: thanx dad
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: wb bytch
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: ty hoe
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :dad?
Sweet_Thang: ^brb
.�apter Bo�.�: hehe yea bitxh
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :yo boi u'z fucCed up in tha head
.�apter Bo�.�: can you spell?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: wut i miss?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: rapter shut the fuck up
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: an u say im wakk
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: no one asked u
.�apter Bo�.�: or did you flunk english too
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :yeah i can spell
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :spell bytch
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :b-y-t-c-h
.�apter Bo�.�: bitch
Matt: wrong
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :thatz u yah mothafucCah
.�apter Bo�.�: It's bitch dumb ass
Matt: dumbass
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: fuCcin fag
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: no really
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo fucC off matt
Matt: suck my cock
.�apter Bo�.�: you guys it's FUCK
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol mool
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: u fuCcin herb
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: NO SHIT
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: moolay!
Matt: dumbass
[�g�v�] .-o��]-[o���o-.[g.]: WE KNOW HOW TO FUCKING SPELL
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * lol dont mind us
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: oh no i cant fucken spell
* .�:gelfling[ilmd] * whut udoin?
Matt: weve noticed
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: why u think u be caring
.�apter Bo�.�: ^Brb
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: oh yo weak ghetto azz self callin me a dumbazz?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: shut the fuck up
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i didnt ask yo weak ass
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * talking like ghetto freaks lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: mutha fuckas
Matt: i aint gehtto dumbfuck
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :wow ur all so phat and fly
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i know
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :i wish i was as phat as all yoz
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: can u spell ghetto bytch?
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: lol mool
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
Matt: fuck u
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: no thanx bytch
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: aww wa happen to yo friend?
Matt: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: aww poor matt dont cry
Matt: fuck u means go fuck yer seklf
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: matt u weak
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :so "Matt" are u down with the homey g yos?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: matt are u 4?
Matt: hell no
Matt: there fags
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :matt iz a weak azz herb daz all he iz
Matt: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: fags? ummmm OK
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :ooo fags! scary
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: that all u can say lil boi
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: hahaha
Matt: yup
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :seemz to be
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: good now shut the fuck up
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: Chubbalubba1
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: That is?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: no one wanna be seeing what u say
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: wut
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: oh nm
Sweet_Thang: ^brb
Matt: suck my cock u 5 cent black ass nigger
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: yo im muting the fucCah
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: its tashy.
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: move the fuck away
*** You are muting Matt
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: yo my homey thug
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u know the funni thing is...
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i'm not black
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: whuts up in the hood?
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: ok i muted the weak azz herb
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: go away
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: what hood
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: ahah oh yes u go kisha
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :WHAT HOOD?
.�:gelfling[ilmd]: :U WEAK
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yes
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: im strong man
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: AHAH yes moolz u go
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: i work out
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: so im not weak
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: i muted that matt guy lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u a fuCcin fat azz jerome
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: dont be lieing
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: :EY
.�apter Bo�.�: hey where'd the kool guy go?
* .~��G��TT�|2��~. * ok im done being a wigger for tonite lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: cool guy?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: i havent seeen no cool guy bytch
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: omg moolay ahaha rofl
the new & improved ghetto mollz: u down wit this shyt bytch?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol mmoool
.�apter Bo�.�: besides me
*** You are not muting Matt
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: mami quien si ponte esa nombre
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: omggg
.�apter Bo�.�: o ok
the new & improved ghetto mollz: U DOWN WIT IT?
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !IM COOL IM HIP
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: omg moolz u rok majorly
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: go away
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !I CAN GET JIGGY WIT IT
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: u stupid and gay
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: tengo grande beecho
.�apter Bo�.�: !I AM your god
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: get out my grill
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: !MAMON!
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: !GAY
the new & improved ghetto mollz: yo
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: lol
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u fuCcin gay boi
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: leave
.�apter Bo�.�: hehehehe
the new & improved ghetto mollz: im da truest of da tru yo!
.�apter Bo�.�: Fuck you
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: yo tengo grande beecho
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: u laughin?
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: cuz u know its true
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !DONT HIDE IT YO DONT HIDE IT
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !TRU COLAHS YO
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :sum fuccin wak azz people hea
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: haha
the new & improved ghetto mollz: !TRU COLAHS
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: :thats the gayest nigga i knoe
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: !YEAH MOOLAY!!
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: omg what have a started
(Ca$H MoNEY)DollAR BillZ YALL: shhhh
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: lol
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: !U GO GIRL!!!
show yo tru colahs yo!: :TRU COLAHS TRU COLAHS
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :omg ahah
show yo tru colahs yo!: !SHOW DEM TO ME
(Ca$H MoNEY)|\/|@|\/|i �|-|u��: umm next?
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: ahaha yeah mool
.~��G��TT�|2��~.: :roflmao
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